I don’t know how it is in your house, but “later” is constantly said in ours. “I’ll fold the laundry later“, “I’ll play catch with you later“, “we can do that later“.  You get the point. So not everything gets done in the time that it should. And we don’t always go do the things we say we want to because of the later attitude. 

So as you can imagine we all get frustrated with each other about our laters. We all know it means it won’t be done. How do we fix this? Well, that was part of our reason for wanting to do a D/s relationship. Hold each other more accountable and give clear expectations of the day for one another. As a stay at home mom I can easily become overwhelmed with all the things that go into primarily caring for our family and house which includes 3 indoor dogs, 2 lizards, a sporty sun, and a performance loving daughter. Having my husband give me my daily list of to-dos takes the stress off for me of having to pick what to do in the house that day. It also makes him feel good to know that I did as he asks me to.  Since that hasn’t always (ever) been the case in our relationship. 

So far, this seems to be working for us. Mainly my husband as I can see a change in his confidence and attitude now. I didn’t realize how not asking him for anything and doing things on my own as I had my whole life had effected his confidence. 

No more LATERs in this house!! 


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