I did not listen…

Today before the hubby went to his office (he works from home, but stays in his office for a few hours at a time) he gave me a few things he wanted done before I picked the kids up from school. It wasn’t anything I hadn’t already planned on doing this morning, but since he told me to I sat right down and watch a few episodes of a show. 

He didn’t give me a punishment for not doing it but instead I was to be rewarded with a foot rub and him painting my toes (I hate doing it myself). Well….I decided I would forgo my foot rub and just not do my list.   I think that was a mistake. 

The look of diassapointment on his face when he walked in after working about broke my heart. It then led to him not being in a good mood and a discussion about why we were doing the Dom/sub and how I have to step it up when it comes to taking orders. Obviously no one wants to hear they aren’t doing a good job at something, but I knew he was right. I had been doing all of our other rules pretty well so far. Today was just the day I said, nope. 

So right now I am in our bedroom while he is starting the NCAA championship game putting on some pantyhose that drive him crazy and a cute little outfit. Hopefully this will make him not so mad at me 😉

There is always tomorrow to do better. (Maybe he will teach me a lesson tonight and make me do better 😈)


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